Volunteer Programs

IMG_5385Tibor Feigel, Lead Behavioral Specialist at Zen-K9 has volunteered countless hours at various animal welfare organizations in the past 9 years since moving to Florida, including Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control; Big Dog Ranch Rescue; Tri County Humane Society; Furry Friends Rescue; Okeechobee Humane Society; Coastal Boxer Rescue, and Forgotten Dog Rescue.




Through his work, he has educated the staff and volunteers of these rescues to become knowledgeable dog handlers. He had put together guidelines and videos on how to properly approach and communicate with dogs. He has assessed and worked with thousands of shelter dogs, thus saving them from euthanasia.


In the past few years, Zen-K9 has participated in “Countdown 2 Zero,” an annual community collaboration event that has brought animal welfare organizations together to end the euthanasia of adoptable animals in Palm Beach County.



Zen-K9 has also participated in a prison program at Moore Haven Correctional Facility in Glades County, FL. Shelter dogs were taken to the facility for training and Tibor educated inmates on dog behavior modification giving both dogs and inmates purpose and a second chance in life.