Zen-K9 offers a full-range of dog services, including one-on-one behavior training, rehabilitation, obedience training, puppy training, boarding, day care, water therapy, and daily exercise/walking programs. Ranging from puppy training to red-zone cases, Zen-K9 specializes in all types of dog behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, self-confidence problems, fearful aggression, leash aggression, biting, excessive barking, chewing, jumping, hyperactivity and socialization issues.

Our boarding services are available in Palm Beach County, Florida servicing Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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Tibor Feigel, owner of Zen-K9, LLC, has 20 years of experience as a dog behavior specialist.  He began his career in New York City, shortly after moving to the United States from Hungary. At first, Tibor started a dog-walking business in Manhattan. Since communicating with dogs has always come naturally for him, it was easy to teach his clients how to correct their dog’s behavior problems. His reputation as a dog behavioral specialist quickly spread and he became one of the most sought-after dog trainers in the community.

Tibor earned his degree in Biology and Physical Education from a teacher’s training college in Hungary. During this time, he studied psychology, zoology, and ethology (the study of animal behavior) extensively, which provided the foundations of his knowledge and beliefs in his field of expertise.

After relocating to South Florida in 2009, Tibor became an active volunteer at local animal welfare organizations in Palm Beach County. In the last few years, Tibor has volunteered countless hours at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control; and assisted other rescues including Big Dog Ranch Rescue; Tri County Humane Society; Furry Friends Rescue; Okeechobee Humane Society; Coastal Boxer Rescue, and Forgotten Dog Rescue among others.  Over the years, he has educated staff members and volunteers on proper handling techniques and common behavioral modifications. He has assisted rescue organizations in evaluating, training, rehabilitating, and re- homing canines.

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Tibor Feigel, owner and lead trainer of Zen-K9, LLC is featured in a TV show called “Tibor to the Rescue,” which recently premiered on FidoTVChannel. The show, created by the Zone3 production company and filmed in South Florida, showcases dogs from Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. Every “Tibor” episode contains three parts: behavioral training with private clients; “Tibor’s Tips,” short videos about solving common behavior problems; and a segment featuring a troubled shelter dog.

When your beloved canine has become so uncontrolled, destructive, or untamable he’s literally taking over your life and making it intolerable, you need Tibor. Don’t be fooled by his ex-model’s good looks, he’s the top dog and prides himself on taming even the toughest pet problems. For many dogs he’s literally the last hope.

Watch Tibor to the Rescue on FidoTV Channel.

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The American TV show’s popularity quickly reached the rest of the world and it has been aired in over a hundred countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle-East by Viasat Nature.

South Florida Dog Trainer gets reality TV show

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Zen-K9, Inc. (2014-2020), was founded with a mission to aid and support the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of abused and abandoned dogs. The charity organization’s main purpose was to assist local rescue organizations in evaluating, training, rehabilitating, and re-homing these deserted canines and to provide consultation services in dog assessment, training, and enrichment. Shelter professionals and volunteers also learned proper handling techniques.

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Volunteer Programs

Zen-K9 has volunteered countless hours at various local animal welfare organizations, including Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control; Big Dog Ranch Rescue; Tri County Humane Society; Furry Friends Rescue; Okeechobee Humane Society; Coastal Boxer Rescue, and Forgotten Dog Rescue. Our organization has educated the staff and volunteers of these rescues on the right handling techniques and dog behavioral modification methods.  We have assessed and worked with thousands of shelter dogs, thus saving them from euthanasia.

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Success Stories

Zen-K9 has saved the lives of countless rescue dogs from euthanasia. Most of them were labeled “un-adoptable” due to severe aggression and biting issues. We work with these types of dogs at our rehabilitation center in Palm Beach County in order to modify their behavior. We introduce them to our pack so they learn to socialize, gain confidence and become a balanced part of our society.

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Read more from our clients

Tibor and Zen-K9 are the best there is. Tibor has been working with my dog Skylar. One session with us and she was a different dog and we were different people with her. Not only were we more peaceful and in control. Skylar was more peaceful and seemed to have a weight lifted off her back too. Thank you Tibor!!!!

Pat Trinkle (July 3, 2013)

Wonderful training school for any kind of problem’s doggies. Very caring peoples.

Lafreniere Guy-Jeannine (April 25, 2013)