Tibor Feigel, owner and lead trainer of Zen-K9, LLC is featured in a TV show called “Tibor to the Rescue,” which recently premiered on FidoTVChannel. The show, created by the Zone3 production company and filmed in South Florida, showcases dogs from Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. Every “Tibor” episode contains three parts: behavioral training with private clients; “Tibor’s Tips,” short videos about solving common behavior problems; and a segment featuring a troubled shelter dog.

When your beloved canine has become so uncontrolled, destructive, or untamable he’s literally taking over your life and making it intolerable, you need Tibor. Don’t be fooled by his ex-model’s good looks, he’s the top dog and prides himself on taming even the toughest pet problems. For many dogs he’s literally the last hope.

Watch Tibor to the Rescue on FidoTV Channel.

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The American TV show’s popularity quickly reached the rest of the world and it has been aired in over a hundred countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle-East by Viasat Nature.

South Florida Dog Trainer gets reality TV show

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