I hired Zen-K9 to train my 4 month old lab to become a balanced member of my family nearly 1 year ago. They not only trained her but all of the members of my family in how to interact with a puppy. The training was short and effective. My lab has become the most precious companion to me and my two young children. She is obedient, balanced, happy and free of anxieties. She simply loves her life and that gives us great pleasure. I would recommend this Zen-K9 to anyone needing help understanding how to live with their pet harmoniously.

B. Williamson, NYC

My dog is an alpha and no matter how much i worked with him i couldn’t seem to get him to be good around other dogs…but after a couple meetings with Franny and Tibor and the zen k9 staff “Jake” has been so good and manageable and I owe it all to them….thx guys.

Deirdre B.

I cannot recommend or thank Tibor enough!!!! He has helped numerous boxers for Coastal Boxer Rescue over the years and this week he helped me with the boxer I rescued from the shelter in September. Tibor spent three hours listening to our issues, assessing Wilson, and teaching me how to work with him to ensure he is a trustworthy safe dog to have around other people. Tibor understands how dogs think and knows how to work with their nature to get them to behave. He is THE BEST!!!!!!! THANK YOU TIBOR!!!!

Emilie Schaffer (March 5, 2015)

Wonderful training school for any kind of problem’s doggies. Very caring peoples.

Lafreniere Guy-Jeannine (April 25, 2013)

Tibor was amazing today with my 4 dogs. He took my rescue dog who I could not integrate with my other 3 and made him human like! I am so thankful for his help with Rocky. We have another appt to keep going forward. When I thought that Rocky was a goner he showed me the tools I need to implement.

Marla Marks Paul (January 24, 2014)

Tibor and Zen-K9 are the best there is. Tibor has been working with my dog Skylar. One session with us and she was a different dog and we were different people with her. Not only were we more peaceful and in control. Skylar was more peaceful and seemed to have a weight lifted off her back too. Thank you Tibor!!!!

Pat Trinkle (July 3, 2013)

Tibor is an amazing trainer and a wonderful person. Mikey would never be the dog he is without the confidence that Tibor worked with him to achieve. Mikey may never be 100% free if the trauma he sustained in a puppy milk, but now he gets to be a happy, healthy dog and that is be sure if Tibor and Zen-K9.

Lois B. Levy (August 24, 2013)

My wife and I are currently in the process of rescuing a boxer that Tibor is fostering. He brought the dog over for a meet and greet. He gave us a few pointers on how to handle our 1 yr old out of control pup. AMAZING is all I have to say. Can’t thank him enough.

Jason Herrle (September 25, 2015)