Success Stories

Zen-K9 has saved the lives of countless rescue dogs from euthanasia. Most of them were labeled “un-adoptable” due to severe aggression and biting issues.


Zen-K9 Saving Karhma

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control requested the help of Tibor at Zen-K9 with a physically abused dog whose limb got amputated.
Due to the abuse she suffered, Karhma developed animal aggression. After she physically healed from her wounds, Tibor spent days rehabilitating her and balancing her state of mind. The transformation was so successful that she got adopted by a family with 4 other dogs. She has been happy in her forever home ever since.


To Save a Dog Like Daisy

The story of Daisy, a boxer/bulldog mix goes from heart-wrenching to heart-warming… Daisy was an abused case from Miami-Dade county. When she was found, she was in really bad shape, skin and bones, nearly starved to death. After Forgotten Dog Rescue nursed her back to health, they contacted Tibor to work with her. She has developed severe animal aggression, and socializing her was not a simple task. Daisy was brought to the Zen-K9 rehabilitation center where she spent several months. Tibor dedicated his time to socializing and working with Daisy until she learned to trust humans and animals again. Over time, she developed into a healthy, well-balanced dog who taught so many other dogs how to get along with each other. Daisy girl was finally adopted and transitioned to her forever home in June. She now has a sister, Vida, a black pit-bull.
For more on Daisy, be sure to check out her journey on Zen-K9 NYC – FL and Vida & Daisy – Pups of Palm on Facebook. This page shares their pictures and adventures living in Palm Beach.


The story of Mommy

Mommy, a Staffordshire terrier/pit bull mix was another cruelty case. Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control sought out the help of Tibor at Zen-K9 as a last resort. Mommy was extremely people and animal aggressive, so much so that no one was able to approach her in the kennel. She has developed fearful aggression due to the abuse and suffering she endured in her past. As a red-zone case, she was nearly condemned to death. Tibor decided to bring Mommy to the Zen-K9 rehabilitation center where she could begin the next chapter of her life. She learned obedience through structure, exercise, discipline and affection. She has become an A+ student and the two formed an incredible bond. Tibor decided to adopt Mommy and she is now part of the Zen-K9 family. She plays a very important role in helping other dogs become part of the pack.


Saving Charlie

Charlie, a golden retriever was rescued by Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control from horrible living conditions in a hoarder’s home a few years ago. This beautiful brown boy was not so beautiful in the inside at first. He was very reactive towards other dogs and could be unpredictable around people. ACC was not able to place him in their adoption program and he desperately needed Tibor’s help in order to stay alive. Charlie was taken to Zen-K9 for rehab where he started socialization 101. He learned how to get along with other dogs and be part of the pack. He proved he was just a little misunderstood at first and he still had so much more to give in the loving hands of the right pack leader. Charlie was finally adopted by a family with 2 golden retrievers and he became a good little brother.

A note from his family is below:

I’m not sure if you remember me but my family adopted a beautiful golden retriever by the name of Charlie almost 2 years ago. Charlie had been in a rough situation and was fortunate enough to have spent some time with Tibor at Zen K-9. I remember the staff’s reservations the day we stopped by to sign papers to make him our very own, and I thought you might like to see where this beautiful boy is today. He’s been a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn’t thank you all enough for bringing us together and trusting that he’d be in a good place with us.

God Bless,

Jennifer Kilian


Big Money

Rescued during a drug bust, Big Money, a large size pit mix was taken to ACC. He was an abused case; his owners used to break bricks on his neck to toughen him up. This resulted in Big Money turning inwards and becoming very fearful. His handlers were worried that he would bite someone out of fear. Everyone was convinced he was a lost case, but Tibor had faith in him. He had taken him to the Zen-K9 facility in Palm Beach where they worked on rebuilding his confidence and trust towards humans again. Tibor managed to turn him around in 3 weeks. He came out of his shell and became a very playful, happy-go-lucky dog. He spent about four weeks at the rehab center before he got adopted by a couple from North Carolina. Don’t let this boy’s tough looks fool you, he is a soft-hearted soul inside.


Bo’s journey

Bo was pulled out of Miami-Dade Animal Services by Coastal Boxer Rescue. This boxer was another cruelty case and he was almost starved to death.
After regaining his strength, Bo got adopted by a family and traveled to New Jersey. Unfortunately, this was not his happy ending. A couple of months later, Bo bit his owner in the face without any warning. Labeled as a biter, Bo was condemned to death in New Jersey. Desperate to save him, Coastal Boxer Rescue in New Jersey with the help of Animal Care and Control reached out to Tibor to evaluate Bo. He couldn’t find any triggers with him, but he agreed to admit him to his dog rehabilitation center in Florida. Bo was shipped down to Palm Beach where he was put on a structured routine every day. Since people were afraid to adopt him, Bo spent 2 years at Zen-K9. Finally, the long wait was over and Tibor found the perfect match for him. He transitioned Bo into his forever home by teaching his owners how to handle him.