Our non-profit organization, Zen-K9, Inc., was founded in 2014 with a mission to aid and support the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of abused and abandoned dogs. Our main purpose is to assist local rescue organizations in evaluating, training, rehabilitating, and re-homing these deserted canines. We provide consultation services in dog assessment, training, and enrichment; as well as hands-on training for shelter professionals and volunteers in proper handling techniques.

We aren’t just an everyday rescue organization …We rescue rescues!

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Volunteer Programs

Zen-K9 has volunteered countless hours at various local animal welfare organizations, including Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control; Big Dog Ranch Rescue; Tri County Humane Society; Furry Friends Rescue; Okeechobee Humane Society; Coastal Boxer Rescue, and Forgotten Dog Rescue. Our organization has educated the staff and volunteers of these rescues on the right handling techniques and dog behavioral modification methods.  We have assessed and worked with thousands of shelter dogs, thus saving them from euthanasia.

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Success Stories

Zen-K9 has saved the lives of countless rescue dogs from euthanasia. Most of them were labeled “un-adoptable” due to severe aggression and biting issues. We work with these types of dogs at our rehabilitation center in Palm Beach County in order to modify their behavior. We introduce them to our pack so they learn to socialize, gain confidence and become a balanced part of our society.

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Our supporters

Our supporters are key to helping us save the lives of abused and abandoned rescue dogs. Through generous contributions, Zen-K9, Inc. has been able to assess and train hundreds of shelter dogs at the local county shelter. In addition, Zen-K9, Inc. provides post-adoption dog training to those families who can’t afford to hire professional help.

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