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Zen-K9’s Behavioral Modification Program is tailored to assist shelters in pet adoptions by providing dog assessment, kennel enrichment programs, behavioral modification, dog rehabilitation, and re-homing assistance of abused and abandoned dogs.


As shelters are stretched beyond capacity, dogs with behavior issues can’t be placed in adoption programs, therefore end up euthanized. Roughly 20% of dogs in shelters are labeled unadoptable due to behavioral problems, such as fearful biting, food/animal/people/kennel aggression, and are sentenced to death. In most instances, these behavioral issues are correctible and euthanasia could be prevented. Sadly, the unpredictable behavior is often caused by fear and anxiety during the intake process and it doesn’t reflect the dog’s true personality. Once dogs are mislabeled aggressive, they will be the first ones euthanized. Zen-K9 has trained shelter personnel on proper dog handling techniques for years and has educated staff and volunteers on how to modify common behavioral problems to reduce the euthanasia rates.



Zen-K9 plays a great role in the process of re-homing shelter dogs. We seek out and evaluate foster and adoptive families in order to match them with the dog’s personality and temperament to assure a successful and long-term adoption. We provide transitional training and continued counseling to adoptive families to ensure they become assertive and knowledgeable pack leaders.


Our community outreach program consists of educating the public on the importance of adoption and animal welfare. We regularly make presentations at shelters, expos and community events to expand awareness. Our ultimate goal is to give shelter dogs a second chance and save them from euthanasia.


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