Zen-K9, LLC based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida was founded by Canine Behavioral Specialist, Tibor Feigel. At Zen-K9, our objective is to bring dogs ”back-to-nature” and allow them to be the canine they are.



Zen-K9 offers a full-range of dog services, including one-on-one behavior training, obedience training, rehabilitation, puppy training, day care, water therapy, and daily exercise/walking programs. Ranging from puppy training to red-zone cases, Zen-K9 specializes in all types of dog behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, self-confidence problems, fearful aggression, leash aggression, biting, excessive barking, chewing, jumping, and socialization issues.

We have never met a dog… or an owner we couldn’t help.

Our philosophy is to create balance between the owner and his dog, and to achieve a bond of loving trust. A dog’s purpose is to be part of a pack, led by a calm, assertive pack leader. Dog owners must display this energy to “honor the dog’s purpose” and to understand the way dogs relate to their natural environment. Tibor Feigel, lead trainer and behavioral specialist at Zen-K9, uses the power of the pack approach to deal with dog behavior issues and anxieties. Having worked with dogs all his life, he believes in achieving a Zen balanced state of mind for both dogs and handlers. He incorporates this method into his teaching philosophy to create harmony between the owners and their dogs. His packs in Central Park, NYC had been famously referred to as dog meditation classes.


Zen-K9’s staff is trained in handling dogs of all types of behavior and temperament. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Dog training

We can train and/or address any behavior problem that your dog has ranging from basic to advanced obedience, as well as specialized training services. We provide training in your home.


Our training method is based on “back-to-nature” and our goal is to understand animal mentality in a dog with proper communication. There are two sides to a dog; an animal side and a canine side. The animal side is the one we need to control while educating the canine side. Over the years of monitoring pack behavior, mentality and rules, we found the best way to communicate with dogs. Mother-nature has done an incredible job for thousands of years; we don’t want to change anything about that. But we need to learn how to work with mother-nature to find the best way to educate our dogs.

  • One-on-one training
  • Puppy training
  • Basic obedience training (sit, stay, come)
  • Advanced obedience training (agility, off-leash)
  • Behavior modification training (jumping, barking, chewing, anxiety, aggression, etc.)
  • Board and Train/Rehabilitation
  • Socialization
  • Confidence building training
  • CGC training

One of our behavior modification exercises is socialization. Socialization is the very lengthy (life-long) desensitization process of exposing your pup to every new sound, sight, and situation possible. The purpose is to eliminate any adverse reaction and have your dog view these occurrences as normal, non-threatening, and non-exciting.

The ultimate goal of socialization is to be able to take your dog to any place, be in any situation, and have him stay calm, relaxed and confident. Over-excitement, anxiety, hyperactivity are all unwanted reactions in a properly socialized dog. It can be done, but this desensitization process does not have an ending, it is something that must be continued every day of your dog’s life. Let the Zen-K9 team help you so that you can take your well socialized dog anywhere without any hesitation to his behavior.


Our boarding services are available in Palm Beach County, Florida servicing Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. We offer private dog boarding, away from kennels, barking, and bullies. Dogs always remain under constant supervision when in our care.  At our place, we practice an open environment without kennels. We only use crates for educational purposes. We exercise your dog daily while they are boarding with us by running, swimming, and rollerblading with them and they learn important skills such as socialization, house manners, agility, meditation and confidence building. We cater your dog with any special diet if necessary.


Pick up available upon request depending on location.

Board and Train/Rehabilitation Program

Some dogs who suffer from serious behavior issues are best suited for our board and train/rehabilitation programs rather than private lessons.  Time required to rehabilitate dogs is based on an individual basis, and the extent of your dog’s behavior problems. Your dog will live and board with the trainer, which helps to individualize the training program based on your dog’s learning needs and behavior. A consistent and structured training schedule makes learning easier for your dog and facilitate the rehabilitation process.

Daily Exercise/Walking Program

Zen-K9 offers a first-class dog walking and exercise program. We provide your dog with the most unique exercise experience by swimming, rollerblading and running with them, thus giving them a proper physical and mental workout.



Zen-K9 offers first class transportation for your dog. Pick up is available from your house to our facility, from the airport, the vet or any location. We drive your dog in comfort, safety and style. Additional charges may apply.


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