Tibor Feigel, owner of Zen-K9, LLC, has 22 years of experience as a dog behavior specialist.  He began his career in New York City, shortly after moving to the United States from Hungary. At first, Tibor started a dog-walking business in Manhattan. Since communicating with dogs has always come naturally for him, it was easy to teach his clients how to correct their dog’s behavior problems. His reputation as a dog behavioral specialist quickly spread and he became one of the most sought-after dog trainers in the community.


Tibor earned his degree in Biology and Physical Education from a teacher’s training college in Hungary. During this time, he studied psychology, zoology, and ethology (the study of animal behavior) extensively, which provided the foundations of his knowledge and beliefs in his field of expertise.

After relocating to South Florida in 2009, Tibor became an active volunteer at local animal welfare organizations in Palm Beach county. He has volunteered countless hours at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control; and assisted other rescues including Big Dog Ranch Rescue; Tri County Humane Society; Furry Friends Rescue; Okeechobee Humane Society; Coastal Boxer Rescue, and Forgotten Dog Rescue among others.  Over the years, he has educated staff members and volunteers on proper handling techniques and common behavioral modifications. He has assisted rescue organizations in evaluating, training, rehabilitating, and re- homing canines.

In 2014, Tibor founded a non-profit organization, Zen-K9, Inc., with a mission to further aid and support the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of abused and abandoned dogs.

In 2015, Tibor joined the Dogs Playing For Life team as an Instructor and has provided enthusiastic play group support to many Florida shelters ever since. At Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, he helped to implement the Dogs Playing for Life program and has seen the positive impact daily playgroups have made in the lives of canines, volunteer attendance hours and increased adoption rates.

IMG_6130.PNGThrough a collaborated teamwork with the community, Tibor has helped save hundreds of shelter dogs from euthanasia. He is very involved within the community educating the public on the importance of adoption and animal welfare. He regularly attends pet expos and community events to expand awareness. He has participated in “Countdown 2 Zero,” a community collaboration that has brought animal welfare organizations together to end the euthanasia of adoptable animals in Palm Beach County. He also participated in a prison program at Moore Haven Correctional Facility in Glades County, FL, where he educated inmates on dog behavior modification giving both dogs and inmates purpose and a second chance in life.

Among his other accomplishments, Tibor is also a member of the BallenIsles Wildlife Foundation Rescue Committee and he is a Canine Good Citizen evaluator. He recently won the 2016 “Volunteer of the Year” Award from Florida Animal Control Association, an industry organization for government-operated shelters. (

His reality TV show, “Tibor to the Rescue” recently premiered on FidoTVChannel. The show, created by the Zone3 production company and filmed in South Florida, features dogs from Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. Every “Tibor” episode contains three parts: behavioral training with private clients; “Tibor’s Tips,” short videos about solving common behavior problems; and a segment featuring a troubled shelter dog.


Tibor currently resides in Palm Beach Gardens, FL with his family. He has a beautiful 12-year old daughter Laila, and a 9-year old son Remy, who are already practicing leadership skills among their pack of dogs.