Mission statement:
To aid and support the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of abused and abandoned dogs.

We aren’t just an everyday rescue organizationWe rescue rescues!

Zen-K9, Inc. assists shelters and rescue organizations in evaluating, training, rehabilitating, and re-homing abused and abandoned dogs. We provide consultation services in dog assessment, training, and enrichment; as well as hands-on training for shelter professionals and volunteers in properly handling abused and abandoned canines. Dogs with severe aggression and behavioral problems are brought to our facility to be rehabilitated. We are specialized in red-zone cases, rehabilitating the most aggressive dogs that everyone has given up on by establishing and enforcing proper structure, boundaries, and discipline. After rehabilitation, we assist rescues in finding the right match for dogs based on their personalities and provide adoptive families with post-adoption support, including dog training classes and behavioral assistance.

Our community outreach program consists of educating the public on the importance of adoption and animal welfare. We regularly make presentations at shelters, expos and community events to expand awareness. Our ultimate goal is to give shelter dogs a second chance and save them from euthanasia.