Exercise/Behavior program

Zen-K9 has the most unique and effective outdoor daily dog care program in New York City.  Monday – Friday your dog will be picked up from your home (between 10am – 12pm) and will be placed with other dogs in the pack based on their behavioral needs.  The dogs draw balanced energy from the pack association. The Zen-K9 staff will exercise your dog both mentally and physically with behavior corrections. The dogs are generally out for 2 -3 hours daily unless weather or health issues arise based on Zen-K9’s determination.  Each day the route is different, from the city streets to beautiful Central Park.  Those that need more exercise enjoy running along with a rollerblading leader.


One of our behavior modification exercises is socialization.

Socialization is the very lengthy (life-long) desensitization process of exposing your pup to every new sound, sight, and situation possible. It’s purpose is to eliminate any adverse reaction and have your dog view these occurrences as normal, non-threatening, and non-exciting.

The Purpose of Socialization: 
The ultimate goal of socialization is to be able to take your dog any place, any situation, and have him stay calm, relaxed and confident. Over-excitement, anxiety, hyperactivity are all unwanted reactions in a properly socialized dog. It can be done, but this desensitization process does not have an ending, it is something that must be continued every day of your dog’s life. This is where we come in. Having your pup in our daily walking program they are continuously exposed to all of these situations, so when you take your pup for a walk, it can be enjoyable and stress free. Let the Zen K9 team help you so that you can take your well socialized dog anywhere without any hesitation to his behavior.