About Us

Zen-K9, LLC based in New York City and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida was founded by Canine Behavioral Specialist Tibor Feigel. At Zen-K9, our objective is to bring dogs ”back-to-nature” and allow them to be the canine they are.

We offer a full range of services, including walking, boarding, Zen school – a daily outing with the pack providing physical and mental exercise – and one-on-one behavioral modification. Ranging from puppy training to red-zone cases, Zen-K9 specializes in all types of behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, self confidence problems, fearful aggression, leash aggression, biting, socialization, and any other specific issues your dog may hav

We have never met a dog… or an owner we couldn’t help.

Our philosophy is to create balance between the owner and his dog, and to achieve a bond of loving trust. A dog’s purpose is to be part of a pack, led by a calm, assertive pack leader. Dog owners must display this energy to “honor the dog’s purpose” and to understand the way dogs relate to their natural environment. Tibor Feigel, lead trainer and behavioral specialist at Zen-K9, uses the power of the pack approach to deal with dog behavior issues and anxieties. Having worked with dogs all his life, he believes in achieving a Zen balanced state of mind for both dogs and handlers. He incorporates this method into his teaching philosophy to create harmony between the owners and their dogs. His packs in Central Park, NYC had been famously referred to as dog meditation classes.

Zen-K9’s staff is trained in handling dogs of all types of behavior and temperament. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.